The best leaders I’ve known lead by example

They demonstrate what to do and how to do it. They do the right things even when no one is looking. More »

In a year marked by a stagnant economy

...with high unemployment and low GDP growth, the wireless industry continues to demonstrate remarkable resiliency. More »

Managers, can you hear me now?

A constant theme in my book is the importance of focusing on the fundamentals. More »

Good managers know their people

The most successful managers place people in jobs that match their current skill set and then give them a fair chance to succeed. More »

Results-focused people have a daily discipline

to avoid distractions that take them away from the important things they need to accomplish. More »

The thing I enjoy most about being an author the opportunity it has given me to speak with college students about leadership, management and my experiences in the business world. More »


Cavuto Appearance 09-19-2013

My discussion with Neil Cavuto about the Government using Wall Street as a Scapegoat   Watch the Fox News Clip here.  

CNBC Street Signs Appearance 4-4-2013

Watch my recent discussion on CNBC Street Signs with Brian Sullivan regarding the leadership at Carnival.   Watch the CNBC Appearance here.    

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